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Clubhouse Rental

All residents in good standing are eligible to rent the community clubhouse.
The following fees apply:
  • Non-refundable rental fee of $50.00 per day (subject to change without notice).
  • $50 cleaning fee (This fee is refunded if the reservation is canceled. Please note recent fee increase.)
  • $300.00 refundable security deposit.
If you are interested in renting the clubhouse, please do the following:
  • Check the Calendar (column to the left) to determine possible availability on the day you wish to rent.
  • Contact the Clubhouse Committee (hoa@avensong.org) to place a 72 hour courtesy hold on the reservation, and wait for confirmation email. This should be done before sending your rental agreement and checks to the address below. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT FIRSTSERVICE, AS THEY DO NOT HANDLE CLUBHOUSE RENTALS.
  • Once confirmed, the following items will need to be submitted to the HOA. Instructions for submitting these items will be sent with your confirmation:
    • Signed Clubhouse Reservation and Use Agreement (updated 1/13/15).
    • $50.00 check made payable to Avensong Community Association, Inc. (nonrefundable rental fee).
    • $50.00 check made payable to Corporate Office Cleaning.
    • $300.00 check made payable to Avensong Community Association, Inc. (refundable security deposit).
  • The $50.00 rental fee check will be processed upon receipt (a $35 charge will apply to any check returned for insufficient funds).
  • An HOA volunteer will contact you to confirm receipt of your signed rental agreement and checks and provide you with further instructions on when and where to pick up and drop off the key.
  • Please follow instructions in the rental agreement regarding clean up.
  • Following your rental, an HOA volunteer will conduct a post-event inspection of the facilities.
  • If the clubhouse is left in the condition as detailed in the rental agreement, your $300.00 deposit check will be destroyed/shredded. If issues are noted, the deposit check will be cashed to remedy the damages and you will be refunded any difference.
  • The HOA-contracted cleaning company will process the $50 cleaning fee check upon receipt after rental.
  • All residents who rent the clubhouse and their guests are subject to the rules and conditions outlined in the Clubhouse Reservation and Use Agreement. The sponsoring homeowner is solely responsible for any damages to community property resulting from the rental.
  • For purposes of providing invitations or directions to your guests and for planning purposes, the physical address of the clubhouse is 13345 Avensong Crossing, Milton, GA 30004. There are two large tables and 22 chairs. Capacity with the use of deck is 35-40. There is a bathroom and fully stocked kitchen with stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator.
  • If you have any questions about clubhouse rental, please contact the Clubhouse Committee.