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Welcome to Avensong!
(Updated: January 26, 2018)
We hope this newsletter will provide our residents helpful information about what’s happening in our neighborhood! If you have any questions about Avensong, please feel free to contact the Avensong HOA at hoa@avensong.org!

What's Happening in Avensong!
Annual HOA Meetings
The Avensong (Master) and Village at Avensong HOAs have scheduled their 2018 Annual meetings for Saturday, February 24, 2018 at 9:00am. We'll be meeting at the Bethwell Community Center located at 2695 Hopewell Rd, Milton, Ga, 30004 (just off the traffic circle at Hopewell, Cogburn and Francis Rds.).
Information, including proxies, have been mailed to Avensong and Village property owners. If you have not received your notice, or if you need copies of either the Annual Meeting Proxy or Board of Directors Application, please contact Tonya Cooke at Tonya.Cooke@fsresidential.com. You may also call FirstService at 770-521-2146.
All residents of Avensong are welcome to attend. If you live in or own property in Avensong, this meeting is for you as we'll be discussing the projects we completed in 2017 and those that we hope to complete in 2018!
Please note that registration of property owners and proxy holders will begin at 9:00am. The Village will start its meeting at 9:30am and the Avensong (Master) meeting will follow around 10:00am. (The Avencroft HOA will hold its annual meeting at another time and place. Residents/property owners in Avencroft should contact their HOA representative for meeting information.)
Elections for Avensong and Village HOA Board members will be held at this meeting. Property owners in good standing (dues paid, no outstanding fines, etc.) are eligible and encouraged to vote for board members. If you will not be able to attend the meeting but wish to have your vote counted, please return the proxy to FirstService Residential or give it to another property owner in good standing who will be attending.
If you are interested in holding a Board position for either the Avensong (Master) or Village HOA Board, please fill out the Board of Directors Application and return it to FirstService Residential so that your name can be added to the ballot. You must be a property owner, living in Avensong and in good standing to hold a board position.
If you are not a property owner and live in Avensong or if you do own property but don't live in the community, we'd still love for you to be an active part of the HOA. We have many committees and programs that need your help! If you are interested in becoming more involved with our community, joining a committee, finding other ways to help or have areas of interest please contact the HOA at hoa@avensong.org.
Both the Village and Avensong Boards would love to hear your thoughts on our neighborhood and answer your questions. We do ask that you email the questions to us before the meetings so that we make sure everything gets addressed. You can contact the board with comments and questions at hoa@avensong.org.
November HOA Board Meeting UPDATES!
Both the Village and Avensong HOA boards held meeting in November. Although no actions were taken by either board, there was great interaction between the board members and residents with lots of questions being asked and answered.
August HOA Board Meeting UPDATES!
The Master Board has been busy over the past several months working on neighborhood improvements and updating our neighborhood standards!
We are continuing the process of reviewing the condition of homes in the neighborhood and will be issuing warnings and fines to homes that are not complying with our Covenants. Covenants and Design Standards can be found on the "Documents" page of this website. We will be looking at homes that need to be pressure washed, trim and accents that need to be repaired and painted, broken doors and windows, damaged garage doors, windows, gutters, lawns that need to be maintained, improperly stored items, etc. Please take a good look at your home and make sure it's properly maintained to avoid receiving fines. If you are not sure what you need to do or you have any questions, please contact the HOA and we'll be happy to help you!
The Tennis Courts!
The tennis courts have been resurfaced and by all accounts the new surface is great! The fall tennis season is underway! If you're interested in our neighborhood tennis teams, please contact the HOA and we'll put you in touch with our tennis committee!
The Pool!
The pool is closed for 2017! The repairing and replastering work has begun. Once the plaster has been poured, the pool will be filled and must sit for 6 weeks without being disturbed in order for the plaster to "cure". Once cured, our new pool cover will be installed!
Please remember, the pool is closed and anyone caught inside the gated pool area will be considered trespassing and may face criminal charges. We do not want anyone getting hurt and we don't want any damage to the pool. A locked gate is NOT an invitation to jump over a fence!
Upcoming... If you have questions for our management company, please contact Tonya Cooke at FirstService Residential.
The next board meetings (Village and Master) are scheduled for November 8,2017 at the clubhouse. Check back as the date gets closer for details!
If you'd like to contact the HOA with questions or comments, please email us at hoa@avensong.org

Propping Open Secured Gates and Doors is Prohibited!
The gates and doors around the pool and tennis courts require secure card access for everyone’s safety and protection. Propping these gates and doors open leaves the neighborhood (you!) open to security concerns, damages and liability. It also causes damage to the gates and locking mechanisms. Anyone caught propping open secured gates and doors, or accessing the amenities by any means other than using an active amenity card, will be subject to loss of amenity privileges. (Smile, you’re on video camera!)
No Overnight Parking at the Clubhouse!
Any unauthorized parking at the clubhouse after the amenities are closed will result in your vehicle being towed. If you need to park at the clubhouse overnight (extra house guests, moving van, etc.) please contact the HOA to let us know. If we don’t have your vehicle make/tag info on file, your vehicle may be towed. Contact the HOA for clubhouse parking information at hoa@avensong.org.

The Neighborhood Watch
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you call 9-1-1 from your cell phone you MUST mention CITY OF MILTON or your call will be routed to Forsyth County!
The next Neighborhood Watch meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 12 2018, 7:30pm at the Clubhouse and is open to all Avensong residents! NOTE: Future NW meetings will be held every other month on Wednesday evenings. Saturday morning meetings will be held on an as-needed basis.
Previous meetings had a number of Milton Police Officers attend and answer questions from residents. topics covered everything from area crime to Milton Police Department programs for the community.
The Board has been approved by City of Milton for a traffic study to be conducted in our neighborhood. As we receive details about the study and its impact on us, we will share them. The results of that study will help us determine what traffic calming aids we may be able to use to help ensure the safety of our neighborhood. If you would like more information on traffic calming, please visit City of Milton Traffic Calming website.
*Basic home safety tips from the Neighborhood Watch:
  • If you park outside of your garage, make sure nothing "tempting" is visible. Bring all valuables into your home and remember to wipe "prints" left by device holders off windows.
  • Lock the door from your garage into your home. If someone breaks into your garage, the next step is to try the door to the house!
  • Take your car key fob to bed with you. You can use the "alarm" function to set off your car alarm if there is a problem.
  • Consider converting your outdoor floodlights to "motion-sensor" lights. Lights turning on are a big deterrent to thieves.
  • When throwing away cartons from high-end items (TVs, computers, etc.) break down the boxes on trash day and put them in the trash/recycle cans. Don't advertise your valuables to thieves!
  • As always, if you need help, call 9-1-1. Remember, if you call from your cell phone you need to say "City of Milton"!
*As a reminder, other than in Avencroft, parking on the street is not permitted in Avensong. If you have parking concerns, please contact the HOA at hoa@avensong.org.
Please be aware that according to the City of Milton, it is illegal to park in the following places – you can be ticketed and towed!!
  1. No Parking in front of a fire hydrant.
  2. No Parking in front of/blocking driveways that are not yours.
  3. No Parking within 50’ (fifty feet) of a street corner with a stop sign.
If you see any of these parking violations, please call the Milton Police.
Future Neighborhood Watch meetings will rotate monthly between the first Wednesday and first Saturday of each month. Please check the website calendar for scheduled meetings.
*Please visit the Crime Watch page on this website for more safety tips and information on the Neighborhood Watch program!

Architectural Control Committee
The ACC is also in the process of updating the design standards for the community. If you have plans to replace items on/around the exterior of your home, please visit the "Documents" page of this website for current standards, allowable materials as well as process and documentation requirements for all exterior home projects.
Please remember an ACC approval form must be submitted and approval received before exterior work can begin. In the event that any exterior work without prior approval of the ACC occurs, the board may impose an immediate fine of $250.00 with additional daily fines possible. The Application for Architectural Change can be found on the "Documents" page or downloaded here.
If you have questions about our community standards, projects you are considering or ACC processes, please contact the ACC at ACC@avensong.org.

Future Happenings
Please check back regularly for updates about what's going on in Avensong!
If you have not registered on the website, please do so. You will be added to our email list and you will receive regular updates and notices about Avensong happenings!
If you have any comments, thoughts or questions about our community, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact the HOA at hoa@avensong.org!